Best Camellia Varieties

Another day and another topic with me, welcome all to today`s topic about Camellia flowers.

Today we are going to know what are the top 10 best Camellia varieties that exist and you will love.

Since camellias have been developed so broadly for so long, there are so much varieties around the world.

Some of these flowers are put on a show in fall or late-fall and some looks really amazing and beautiful just a bit later in winter and spring.

It is noticeable that most of the varieties font have the aroma that you expect, however some varieties are especially produced to have good aroma or even produced to have big blooms up to 5 inches in diameter and some others is made to have good colors during winter times.

Now without further ado let`s get to know these lists of the flowers.

  • April Dawn

Best Camellia Varieties

If you are the kind of person that loves to show off, then April Dawn is the right Camellia flower for you.

This breed is hybrid of “Berenice Boddy” and Jordan`s pride.

The twofold structure sprouts are regularly three to four inches wide, showing up in mid to pre-spring and proceeding to open through spring.

This one has especially bred to withstand cold environment and is cold tolerant, it does withstand in Zones 6b through 9.

Please take a note that even though this is cold tolerant you should not leave it unprotected in extreme cold and near or passed freezing temperatures.

  • Debutante

Best Camellia Varieties

Do you want to add bright color to your garden or your home? If you want to do it then Debutante is your kind of flower.

This breed has the longest blooming season from October till May.

The cold tolerant of this plant is different from others and it can withstand winter temperatures in Zone 7 with protection and fares well unprotected in Zones 8 to 10.

Like more cold tolerance of this plant, it also can withstand more direct sunlight than other varieties.

  • High Fragrance

Best Camellia Varieties

Camellias, unlike their glorious looks and beautiful colors they lack aroma and sometimes it is said that it is pungent and that is really disappointing for these amazing flowers, so for solving this problem High Fragrance was developed.

The scent of the full twofold, peony structure blooms is suggestive of jasmine and rose, and the pale to profound pink blossoms have semi-obvious stamens, making them an extraordinary search source.

This half and half cultivar sprouts from pre-spring to late-winter, with four-inch blooms ceaselessly opening among February and April. ‘High Fragrance’ is tough in Zones 7 to 10.

  • Jordan`s Pride

Best Camellia Varieties

Petals with dashes of variegated profound and pale pink grow dim to smooth white boundaries, differentiating perfectly against the dark green foliage of Jordan`s Pride aka Herme.

This plant is like a shrub and has a very strange vigorous growth habit, which makes it an ideal plant to have as a small tree. The height of this type reaches from 6 feet up to 12 feet and the width up to 4 inches when blossomed fully.

The best and ideal zones to keep this plant for getting best results are Zones 7 to 9.

  • Kramer`s Supreme

Best Camellia Varieties

This plant will show you that even when snow hits everywhere the blossoms of this flower will catch your eye and watching the jewel like blossoms worth everything.

The combination of green foliage and red blooms of this plant throughout the winter and even more which is from November to February to March.

Ideal for a forest line or specimen planting, this is one assortment that will certainly procure its place as a unimaginable point of convergence. This little tree gets to the six to eight feet or more heights, with an adjusted propensity.

This plant is ideal and best suited for Zones 8 to 10.

  • Mine No Yuki

Best Camellia Varieties

With its pure white petals and different names such as “Mine No Yuki”, “White Doves” or “Snow on the Mountain”, this amazing plant will look like something from out of this world and will get all of the attention.

This plant or we can say shrub, can reach height of six to eight feet and prefect to be planted in shady areas besides or cold tolerant plants.

One of the most famous fall-blossoming assortments, ‘Mine No Yuki’ has twofold sprouts with semi-obvious stamens, making them available for those late season honey bees on a mission before winter falls.

The blossoms make a superb differentiation to the dark green, shiny foliage, which makes this assortment an astounding up-and-comer for example planting, yet a genuinely unimaginable hedgerow choice too.

This plant is suitable for Zones 7 to 9.

  • Moonshadow

Best Camellia Varieties

This plant looks absolutely amazing, because the color of the petals of this plant seems like it has been drawn by hand, fading towards to center to pale pink.

The focal petaloids are blended with semi-obvious yellow stamens, and encompassed in a fainter following of the fuchsia tone. To call these three-to four-inch blossoms shocking would be putting it mildly.

Alongside adding exquisite blossoms to the scene, the thick, lustrous, evergreen foliage can function admirably as a security support or establishment planting, giving interest to an unattractive carport or storm cellar divider.

This assortment fills well in Zones 7 to 9, and will arrive at mature levels of eight to 10 feet. Plant ‘Moonshadow’ as a feature of a bed in halfway or dappled sun, or train it to fill as in espalier or tree structure.

  • October Magic White Shi Shi

Best Camellia Varieties

In the event that you’re focused on establishing a camellia despite the fact that you have restricted space, you can browse a considerable amount of the current assortments and develop them in compartments effectively with customary pruning, or you can go with October Magic.

Most camellias top out at between six to 12 feet in level, however as a bantam assortment, October Magic White Shi Shi just develops to around three feet tall. This makes it an ideal example for more modest establishing regions or holders.

The white, three-inch-wide twofold blossoms lean against a reduced mat of thick, polished green foliage. The best part is that this little, exquisite bush won’t require a lot pruning to keep up with its size.

October Magic grows very well in Zones 7 to 9.

  • Pink Perfection

Best Camellia Varieties

Formal twofold camellias like ‘Pink Perfection’ are brilliant instances of what nature can do. The pale shell pink three-inch blooms have been a number one among grounds-keepers since the mid nineteenth hundred years.

While the shocking imbricate example of the petals and their delightful variety are incredibly appealing, these blossoms are not the most ideal decision for pollinators as their stamens are totally covered. Notwithstanding, they truly do draw in hummingbirds.

These shrubs grow up to eight to ten foot and their time is between December and may in Zones 7 to 9.

  • Shishi Gashira

Best Camellia Varieties

An extremely famous fall-sprouting assortment, ‘Shishi Gashira’ offers dim pink, semi-twofold blooms. To some extent uncovered stamens make it simple for honey bees to visit.

This cultivar will in general become more extensive instead of taller, arriving at a developed level of simply five to six feet, with a semi-sobbing shape and a smaller development propensity.

‘Shishi Gashira’ additionally displays more prominent sun resistance than different assortments, particularly as plants mature, and it is reasonable for compartment developing. This assortment is strong in Zones 7 to 9.

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