Can i Repot Monstera in Summer?

Can I Repot Monstera in Summer?

Can I Repot Monstera in Summer?Monstera plants are very popular these days, they also known as Swiss Cheese plant.

These plants grow very big, I mean really big, that Is why they are called Monstera because they are really a monster.


That being said, you need to repot these plants every once in a while and when it is at a certain point. Repotting smaller Monsteras are not a hard task and you can easily do it but if it is big you might need some help, because of their enormous size when repotting they might break and you might damage them without knowing it.

Soil mixture

Soil mixture is important, what kind of soil you have to use? How much you have to use? Is it enough to use just soil?

These are the questions that has been asked the most so here I will tell you what to do in order to have the best results (I found this mixture online and used it in my own plants and it did good job).

 This is the mixture I used for repotting or even planting a plant:

I am not saying this is the best one but I can say it is one of the best mixes that you can use, s if you have other mixes that you prefer please tell us in comment section so me and other readers can use them too.

Holding Monstera up

In order to have a big Monstera you will need to support it to grow up, you can use some sticks or something that your plant can grow upwards with its help, for more information about how to hold up a Monstera plant, I prepared an article with step by step tutorial to show you how to do it, so click here in order to know how to do it.

When to repot?

Answer to the “Can I repot my Monstera in summer?” question, I should say yes you can.

Best times for repotting a Monstera, are spring, summer and early fall. If you live in a location where winter comes early, you need to repot your Monstera in the spring and summer.

These are the best time for you to repot your plant and avoide repotting in winter, that is because these plant want to rest at winter time and repotting in this time might damage your plant and cause the plant`s rot to stop growng.

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