Do You Cut Back Begonias in The Winter?

Do You Cut Back Begonias in The Winter?

Do You Cut Back Begonias in The Winter?Hello everyone, welcome to this topic about Begonias, in this article we are going to talk about shall we cut back Begonias in the winter?

Well the quick answer is yes we should and the reason is although this type of plants is really easy going and doesn’t need too much effort to keep them but they are really sensitive to cold.

The stem of these plants cannot withstand cold and if the temperature is near freezing cold your plant will not survive and will die for sure and that is because the water in the stem will freeze and rupture the cells inside.

What to do?

If you don’t want your plant to die you only have one way and that is “wintering” them.

Wintering is basically cutting plants down, storing them in frost free area and wait till weather get warm, and plant them in their pots again.

 It is like hibernation for plants and keeping them away from absolute death.

How to do it?

First you need a snip for trimming, some box and paper.

All you need to do is to take your plants off the soil remove some of the soil that is attached to it and then you need to trim it.

You should not trim so much, you only need to trim the extra parts that cannot fit in the box you have. You also need to cut down flowers too.

After doing that lay down the plant in the box and put the paper on it and repeat the process un till the box can`t hold no more.

Be careful that always put some space between the plant in the box so if by any chance one of the roots get infection, the space would prevent it to damage other plants.

After couple of weeks they will start to dry out and till one month they will dry out completely, in this stage you need to take them off the box shake the remaining soil in the roots and put them back in the box.

 Now you need to use some wood shavings or vermiculites and make sure they have their own space.

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