Monster Growth Stages

Monster Growth Stages

Monster Growth Stages.Monstera plants usually grow very fast if the requirements are met. This is a good news to those people who are on budget and can`t afford a expensive plant so they can easily buy it and grow them since they grow really fast.

If you do everything correctly the Monstera you have should have no problem producing new leaves every month.

Remember, your plant doesn’t control its own growth you control it. By providing food, water and light you give your plant what it needs to grow, it just sits there and just doing the best it can to grow, so you are in control of growth of your plant.

Here is a YouTube link so you can watch a time laps on how it grows in 17 days:


in this video you will see how Monstera grows a new leave and how quickly it does it, so if you consider to buy a big Monstera to your house but don’t have the money you can buy little of instead and grow it.

For making a Monstera grow new leaves you can use organic seaweed tonic, this this will help your plant to grow more leaves within the normal time.

If you want big Monstera you can stake them because it helps them a lot to grow even faster, and if you wonder why the leaves make hole in themselves that’s because plant wants to lower leaves receive more light so by doing that lower leaves gain more light and grow faster.

Let me explain it this way, if you were a tree you would want to climb up as much as you can because there is sun up there and you can feed yourself with that, so what happens is as you climb up you grow and get bigger and that exact thing happens to the plant too, if you give your plant enough light they will grow up pretty fast, not just light you also need to give food and water too beside that never put the plants in direct sunlight because it will burn your plant over time and cause its death.

Another thing that helps Monstera to grow really big I mean like a monster, if you wish of course, is to increase the humidity.

For normal size Monsetras 40% of humidity would be enough it will do pretty good but as I said if you want Monster Monstera you need to pump those numbers up, your humidity shall be around 60% for optimal grow.

Have in mind that increasing humidity will fasten grows of your plant but it will increase the chance of root rot, 80% humidity will surely hasten the grows but also increases the chance of root rot so be very careful.

If you ask are these plants, Monsteras, easy to grow well I need to say that there is no straight answer to this question and everything depends on your caring routine. plants will die if you overwater or underwater them or keeping them in a cold place for too long also putting them under direct sunlight.

About propagating the Monsteras I have good news, they are super easy to propagate you only need to is to cut the stem almost 2 inches lower than aerial root, then you can either stick the plant into soil or just by putting it in water and its done, after some time that they rooted a little bit you can either put them in the same container as mother plant is to make it look fuller or you can get another container.

If you want to put it in another container have in mind that the roots of this plant is super massive and you need to think about the future of the plant before buying the container.

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