When to sow winter Pansy seeds?

When to sow winter Pansy seeds?

When to sow winter Pansy seeds? Hello dear plant lovers and welcome to your website

Today in this topic we are going to talk about when to sow winter pansy seeds, but before we talk about it, first let`s know what makes winter Pansy seeds different from summer varieties.


The difference between winter and summer varieties is that winter seeds are hardier than the summer seeds and you can be sure that they will survive the snow.

When to sow winter pansies?

Well it is ideal to plant your winter pansy seeds during September and early October, these times will give your plant more chance to grow strong roots and flowers.

In pre-winter period which is September and early October, the warmth of the soil would help your plant a lot in it`s early stages, it supports your plant to grow faster and prepares the plant to produce more flowers in winter time.

Is it late to plant winter Pansies in October to November?

Well actually the answer is no, and that is because Pansies are hardy plants and though they like sunlight but they can also grow well in partial shade but you should not expect that much from them.

Note that Pansies planted late in winter time are less likely to survive the winter and produce any flowers and I they do they would be so weak because they had not that much of time to develop robust roots.

Caring tips for winter Pansies

Let us review some tips that will help you to keep your Pansies more alive and make them bloom better and other tips that will make your plant to grow healthy.

  • At first for making your Pansies to bloom more and to lengthen the blooming period you can cut off the heads of the flowers that have finished blooming and that is because you will know that the nutrients are not wasting and they are being used in newer flowers.
  • Fertilizing is a major key, be sure to fertilize your soil right after you planted the seeds and in late autumn and also in spring.

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