White Camellia Varieties


Camellia flowers are very popular and super good looking flowers around the world that makes gardens or even inside of your home look like part heaven.

The white blossoms not just look incredible they additionally add a lift to hazier regions, with extraordinary difference against the more obscure foliage of the camellia plant.

If you want to bring light to your shady part of the house or make your winter times look so much better then you need white Camellias in your garden or home.

Here in the list below we are going to know some of the best white Camellia varieties that you can choose to have them:


Best white Camellia Varieties:

  • Alba Plena

An extremely old assortment with completely twofold medium measured blossoms.

White Camellia Varieties



  • Ecclesfield

Semi twofold with enormous anemone blossoms. Quickly developing and ideal for a fence or screen.

White Camellia Varieties



  • White Nun

Enormous semi twofold blossoms and an extremely spotless white. Upstanding propensity and fills well in conceal.

White Camellia Varieties



  • Shir o Chan

White, huge twofold focus, spreading, thick.

White Camellia Varieties



  • Tricocarpa

A fascinating white blossoming species not frequently made available for purchase.

White Camellia Varieties



  • Pope John Paul

A quickly developing conventional white blossoming assortment. Great upstanding propensity and a fiery cultivator.

White Camellia Varieties



  • Nuccio`s Gem

A proper twofold assortment that can be filled in a compartment or utilized as a support in a concealed position.

White Camellia Varieties



  • Mine no Yuki

Beautiful unadulterated white blossoms from fall through winter from this quickly developing, dry spell open minded simple consideration Camellia sasanqua.

White Camellia Varieties



  • Margaret Hertrich

This is a conventional Double assortment with a decent upstanding development propensity. Will bloom ahead of schedule from May onwards.

White Camellia Varieties



  • Lovelight

A semi twofold with a decent solid development propensity. White sprouts in a decent adjusted bloom. Fiery upstanding and solid.

White Camellia Varieties



  • Fiona Capp

An older style Australian assortment, still an honor champ at camellia shows.

White Camellia Varieties



  • Elegans Champagne

A very beautiful white with yellow petaloides

White Camellia Varieties


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