Bamboo plant care tips

Bamboo plant care tips? Is it real and does tips works? The answer is yes Follow us till the end of this topic…

If you one of those people who love houseplant called lucky bamboo which is being sold often in vases filled with pebbles, you might ask yourself that how these plants healthy and lives long life. Well as we mentioned they are called lucky bamboo and not bamboo. Its bright green plant that looks like bamboo, with thick stems and teardrop like leaves. These lucky bamboo plant can help to clean your air and brighten your mood.

Bamboo plant care tips In rocks

Rocks are one of the ways that you can use to grow your bamboo plant however you should pay attention to some important tips otherwise you can lead your plant To its death. If you have chosen to grow your bamboo plant and rocks first of all you  should get a container and fill 1/3 of it with rocks or marbles. Be careful though the rocks You want to use should be completely clean and for cleaning you don’t have to spend so much time you can use some water And scrub brush to clean their dirt off. And for the water you should fill the container half way.

Bamboo plant care tips In rocks

Bamboo plant care tips Water

Water is one of the most important fragments that you should pay enough attention if you are keeping a bamboo plant tree inside your home and you decided to keep them in just water. Lucky bamboo’s can live in water only and you can choose to not use soil so that the water you use should meet some requirements. First of all Use enough houseplant fertilizer once or every few months to help water give good and necessary nutrients to plant.

Second you better not use tap water cause it will surely hurt plant and in long time it will cause plant to get weak or even die, But if you think the tap water you are using are chloride and fluoride free You can easily use it For getting rid of chloride put your water out 4 full 24 hours In this 24 hours chloride will evaporate from the water. but pay attention to amount of the salt that your water contains because it will definitely will damage your plant  and it will burn the leaves of the plant.

Make sure you change the water every one or two weeks so it will prevent algae from forming.

Bamboo plant care tips Indoor

We have talked about how to take care of your plans if it’s in rocks and we have talked about how much water is important and that you should give attention to kind of water that you are using. Now let’s talk about the importance of the importance of container and the light.

If you buy or receive a lucky bamboo plant It usually comes with its own container and for that time that container is good for the plant And it will workout But when your plant outgrows its own container you should change it and you should carefully take out the plant without damaging its roots And slowly and carefully put it in the other container.

you can find 5 Amazing health benefits of bamboo shoots in thehealthsite.

 Lucky bamboo plants are also plants And they do need light and the brighter the light the faster and bigger your plant grows but be careful when we say bright light we do not mean direct sunlight on the plant for example in your home put it in the place that it is very bright but is not directly under the sunlight.

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