Bamboo plants dying

Lucky bamboo plants are kind of the plans that you can keep indoor or outdoor If you pay attention to some coins and save your plant from dying. Here we are talking about what will and definitely kill your plant if you don’t give attention to them And how you can save your plant if there is a way.

Bamboo plants dying because of Sunlight

First mistake that most of the people make when they are growing a bamboo plant they think sunlight will help their plant to grow faster and bigger but the problem is that is wrong you might ask yourself how come sunlight is important to other plants but will kill bamboo ? Well the answer is yes.

Bamboo plants dying because of Sunlight

Bamboo plans are very sensitive to sound light which if it’s exposed to direct sunlight it will greatly damage the plant, But we’re not saying that it’s not necessary the way that should give your plant light is important. So bamboo plants do need sunlight but not the way you think they need in direct sunlight for example if you living in apartment you should put your plant in a shady place away from direct sunlight but bright enough it can absorb energy from light. So the goal here is give the plant light but not directly.

here you can find Investigation on Flowering and Dying of Bamboo Forests in Shangluo City which has happend in Shangluo city.

let’s imagine this happened and you put your plant Exposing to sunlight directly the first thing you will notice is that your bamboo plants leaves are turning yellow and when it happens it shows you that your plant is getting Sick, But what should you do?

Well you will need a scissor and a sharp one to cut down all the yellow leaves but pay attention your scissor must be clean so that your plant won’t get infected.

Yellow leaves are completely dead and you cannot save them, but you can give your plant a second chance to live.

Bamboo plants dying because of Water

Another important thing about your dying bamboo can be you’re wondering method. Water is essential for every plant but for bamboos things are little different, The water that you’re using should be chloride and fluoride free cause these Are kind of poisonous to your plant. If you know your water has chloride in it before watering your plant with it Leave that water to rest 24 hours And then you can use that water on your plant but if it Has fluoride in it there is nothing you can do and you should purchase water so you will be sure your plant will bot get sick.

Another thing is, if you are Keeping your bamboo plant in rocks,  in addition to nutrients in your water you should pay attention oh how much water you should give to your plant. Always remember if you are keeping your bamboo plant in rocks the amount of water in your pot should be like 95%, and I mean by that  95% of the plant roots should be underwater and the top 5% should breathe some air.

Keep in mind that you should change water every once or twice a week if you’re keeping your plant in rocks but if you are keeping your plant in soil you should be careful not to water it a lot because it will lead to plant’s root to rot, And that is the end of the story for our dear bamboo so pay attention that plant’s root should  moisty.

another mistake that people make Is spraying water on their plant well I’m not saying that is bad but if you do it in the wrong time of the day it will damage your plant you might wonder what is the reason?  Well I can tell you that when you spray water on your plant and the sun is trialing into your room those water drops on your plant will reflect the sun’s light and it will have the same effect as Putting it In the direct sunlight, So if you want to do it and spray your plant, do it when there is no sun so that your plant will be safe.

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