How often to water Christmas cactus cuttings?

Experts recommend rooting Christmas cactus cuttings in water to create new plants. This method is easy and enjoyable, allowing you to observe the formation of new roots and then plant them into soil two to three weeks later.

Proper preparation and watering are crucial for successful propagation of Christmas cactus, ensuring fresh and sufficient water levels.

Homes & Gardens’ garden editor, a fan of indoor plants, asked plant expert Vladan Nikolic, founder of Mr. Houseplant LLC, for advice on rooted Christmas cactus in water, despite not having done so before.

How often to water Christmas cactus cuttings

Will a Christmas cactus root in water?

Vlandan confirms that Christmas Cactus can root in water, but die in overwatered soil due to oxygen availability, as roots require oxygen.

Soil faces significant competition for oxygen due to the presence of numerous bacteria and fungi, while water generally has fewer bacteria and fungi, resulting in lower competition for oxygen.

When should you put a Christmas cactus in the dark?

Microorganisms use soil’s oxygen, reducing oxygen levels, leading to the development of anaerobic bacteria and fungi.

This type of bacteria can lead to root rot and eventually kill your plant, so rooting in water is a great option.

How to root a Christmas cactus in water

Rooting Christmas cactus in water is a simple process that requires a sharp knife and a small glass vase (a cup is preferred). Follow these steps to see the roots form in the water.

1. Trim the stem of the Christmas cactus cutting

Use your knife to create a Y-shaped cutting with at least two segments.

2. Prep the vase

Place pebbles or stones in a vase, 2 inches deep, and cover with water. Add the cutting to the vase, ensuring only the tip to two nodes down is in the water. Place the vase in a bright, but not sun-scorched, spot.

3. Monitor water levels

The Christmas cactus needs to be kept in a heated room, as the water will evaporate due to cutting. Regularly replenishing the water and ensuring its health is crucial. If the water starts to develop algae, refresh it. The cactus can be repotted or grown in water, possibly requiring a larger container.

4. Be ready to pot up your cutting

Repot your Christmas cactus after roots form, which should take three to six weeks. Place cuttings in a high-quality potting mix, compost, and sand, ensuring they are as long as the cutting itself.

How often to water Christmas cactus cuttings?

Is it better to propagate Christmas cactus in soil or water?

Water propagation is a simpler method for beginners, as it involves placing cuttings in water and allowing them to root. However, this method may not be successful in transitioning from water to soil. Rooting in soil allows the plant to grow in its long-term environment without adjustment, but requires proper watering and potting mix, making it more challenging and requiring skill. Both methods have pros and cons, and personal preference plays a role in choosing the best method for a plant.

How to grow Christmas cactus from cuttings in water?

How long does it take a Christmas cactus to root in water?

Your Christmas cactus should root within two to three weeks, but may take longer and be ready for repotting six weeks later, when the roots are as long as the cutting.

Enjoy the beauty of a healthy Christmas cactus by pruning it and creating new plants, inspired by the dependable, showy plant that blooms each year.

Now When to stop watering Christmas cactus?

Could your Christmas cactus cuttings be from a Thanksgiving cactus? (And does it matter?)

Christmas cactus, a North American plant native to Brazil’s rainforests, blooms indoors in May, belonging to the Schlumbergera family, with six to nine species.

Numerous articles have highlighted the distinction between Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus, primarily based on bloom time and leaf shape, despite their flat stems.

Hybridization has blurred lines between Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus. Thanksgiving cactus, known as Schlumbergera truncata, has serrated leaves and blooms in November, while Christmas cactus, Schlumbergera x buckleyi, has rounded leaves.

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Caring for your new plants

Avoid overwatering new cuttings in soil, using a mister for top layer moistening. Establish regular watering schedules, ensuring soil dries out between each watering, and check once a week.

Christmas and Thanksgiving cacti thrive in indirect sunlight, but direct sunlight can bleach stems. Seedlings grow in summer and flower in November or December, stimulated by lower light. Leave the plant alone to maintain conditions, as moving can disrupt blooms.

All you need to know about growing and caring for Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) in our detailed Grow Guide.

Natural fertilizer for Christmas cactus

All you need to know about growing and caring for Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) in our detailed Grow Guide.

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Flowers yes yes yes
Take cuttings yes
Prune yes
Cut back yes
At its best

Christmas cacti (Schlumbergera) bloom from November to January, providing vibrant, trumpet-shaped flowers in various colors and attractive stems that make them perfect Christmas gifts.


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