Outdoor succulents in pots

Succulents are amazing and beautiful plants which can store water in their thick leaves and this feature makes them a hardy plants and drought tolerant ones.

These plants have more than 10,000 species that you can choose from you can either grow them in pot or outside, in any case you will have an amazing looking plant in your garden or a pot that you can enjoy watching every second of it. In this topic we are going to talk about some common questions.

Outdoor succulents in pots

Can succulents grow out side in pots?

Well of course they can, they are really hardy plants and almost in any condition with little amount of care they can thrive, however you should pay attention to weather, soil and light they are vital needs for every kind of plants but how much a plant needs them is important.

Most of the plants require good sunlight, regular watering and inside home temperature but succulents can thrive in hot weather conditions, you don’t need to water them regularly and direct sunlight would not kill them, however you should keep in mind that if weather gets so hot, like in summer days, you better put them in a shady place to help them keep their beautiful look and be careful that cold is their enemy and theynexposed to cold so much they will die.

How to care for Outdoor succulents in pots?

Well you should be careful not to over water them because their root will rot if the amount of water is high, and always have in mind that because they don’t have access to garden soil they have limited amount of nutrients so be sure to check that too.

As mentioned before cold is succulent`s enemy, but if you keep your succulent in pot, it gives you this advantage that you can grow succulents even in cooler areas because you can easily bring them inside once weather gets cold and save them from dying.

That is not all of it, in hot summer days always remember to move your plant to shady place after some time of getting direct sunlight, because sunlight in hot summer days will definitely damage your plant.

How to care for succulents in the ground?

pots have lots of advantages but if you live in areas that weather is warm most of the the year, consider planting some of your succulents outside in the garden.

when you plant your succulents be sure that soil is well draining soil, and well draining soil will prevent root rot in future.

Before planting your succulents create six inches mound soil mix which is specific for succulents and be sure it is lightweight, and after that plant your succulents in it.

Which succulents do well outside?

All of them are hardy plants and they can do pretty well outside and grow till its full size but some species like Aloes, Senecios, Echinocereus, mammillaria and some others are much more hardier and their hardiness level is high.

So we can actually say which one does well outside but the real question is how much we want to care for them? If you just want to have a succulent and not care about it that much, well you need a hardy succulent specie than others to thrive in the situation that you want and make you smile every time you look at it.

Do succulents like sun or shade?

All of the succulents like direct sunlight and if I want to be clear they love being exposed to sun almost all the time, to be more clear depending on the type of the succulent they need about six hours of sunlight per day.

Because of succulent`s unique shape you better rotate your succulent frequently, the reason is if your succulent is being exposed to sunlight only in one direction day after day, only one side is getting enough sunlight and the other side doesn’t get it.

Succulents lean towards the sun which means if you put only one side facing the sun your succulent will grow towards it and it will make your plant out of shape so rotating frequently will help your plant to grow and stand up straight.

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