Succulent water propagation vs soil

succulent water propagation vs soil

Succulent water propagation and soil propagation are different in ways of propagating a succulent, but the goal is the same and that’s is to have more succulents. If you don’t know how to propagate we prepared two articles on how to propagate in both water and soil be sure to check them out for more and exact info.

However, in this article we are going talk about the differences between water propagation and soil propagation. First let`s see what is water propagation?

In water propagation water is being used as a medium to root succulent cuttings, however, some find this method really risky because succulents does not like too much water and they say this method of propagating contains a lot of water for this plant and because they are going to sit in water for some time it may result in root rot. For those of you who don`t know about soil propagating, I should say you after you cut the leaves properly you basically put the leaves on the surface of the soil and water them and after some time you will have your roots, for more information click on “propagating succulent on soil”

Succulent water propagation vs soil which is better?

Succulent water propagation vs soil which is better?

Any how this method is being used by a lot of people and some find this way, much more, easier than other conventional methods of propagating on soil. People who use water propagation say their previous propagation with other methods did not work as they planned and they say, they see faster results and more chance of success in propagation.

Well we all know succulents does not need water so much and more water you give to them its more likely their root is going to rot so the question here is what does even water propagation for succulents exist?

Well in answer to that I have to say, water is not the main culprit for root rot, succulent plants which are in soil are in direct danger of being infected with fungus and pathogens which is the main reason of root rot in succulent plants, so when we use water propagation we avoid exposing the root of the plant to any of those fungus and diseases that can make the root to rot.

There are some rumors that if you water propagate the roots that forms in water cannot endure in soil and the roots will rot and the plant will die, in my own personal experience no such a thing as water propagation roots, rots in soil happened. I did try it and water propagated some succulents and after they formed root in water after 4-5 weeks, I transferred them into soil but they continued growing up and nothing happened and all those succulents are very much alive now.

So Finally soil or water?

In conclusion in order to answer succulent water propagation vs soil, which is better? we should say both methods work very well but there are little differences, for example roots that grow when you propagating on soil are stronger and firmer compared to water propagation. Baby succulents which form from the leaves in water often come out a little misshaped and the reason is that, they are kind of stuck in the neck the bottle of the plastic that is wrapped around a jar however on soil they have more space to grow and the shapes they make are more symmetrical and good looking.

The choice is yours but my favorite method is propagating on soil, it is much more, easier for me and its more likely to succeed but you need to try it out for yourself to see which one works the best or you and also it also depends on the place you live in for example propagating on soil in dry and warm areas are different than humid and moist areas, so you have to try it out and see which one is the best but if you are beginner its is better for you to try propagating on soil.

So Finally soil or water?

 For more information about succulents be sure to check out our other articles.

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