Can succulents live outside in Florida?Succulents getting more popular every day and not because of their easy taking care routine but also their varieties of shape, color and species. Plant breeders all over the world has increased the varieties to choose from, in other world only your imagination limits the uses. Beautiful landscapes, centerpieces and basket beds are possible.

⭐(Videos)-(Picturs) Can succulents live outside in Florida?

Succulents have sponge like tissues in their leaves and they are used to store water in them also they have stems, trunk and roots for storing water. Some species has spines which serves plant in different ways, for example spines around leaves and stem can protect the plant against other animals and if they try to bite the plant or touch it those spines will teach them a good lesson to not get close to a succulent.

Can succulents live outside in Florida?

Most of the succulents like cacti, Kalanchoes, Sedums and Aloes grow well in Florida, as we know succulents are drought tolerant and very hardy plants and love to live in hot climate areas and needs very low amount of water, In Florida it is sunny and hot in summer and warm in winter, well at least for 6 months of the year, the other 6 months which annual rainfall is more than 25 inches, makes the hard time for succulents and causes the most problems about them.

Can succulents live outside in Florida?

However, rain is not bad at all the amount of water your succulent gets is the real deal. Rainfall has so much benefits for succulent plants one of them is it washes away the dust on the plant and other harmful chemical stuff that been built up by using tap water, it also gives good amount of nutrients like nitrogen to soil and helps your plant to grow healthy and strong.

Bad effects are if you let plant to sit for a long time under rain it will cause some problems like root rot because excessive water will definitely damage the root of the plant and if it continuous your plant`s roots will rot and then die.

So overall if it`s raining season in Florida and the amount of rain is more than your plants need, you can cover them up with some fabrics or you can easily move them inside to prevent root rot, but if you planted your succulents in garden and can`t move them inside a shelter or your home try to make them cover so that the extra water cannot harm the plant.

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