Succulents are very drought tolerant plants and can live in hot areas but as they are very hardy plants cold can be a real problem when you are dealing with succulents, succulents may suffer during cold winter months, here in this article we are prepared some key points for you to help you with the survival of you succulents in cold winter times.

When I am talking about cold winter months, I mean the times when weather temperature drops down to below 5 degrees Celsius, and it is more likely ground frost is about to happen, that is the time you need to start preparing your succulents for winter conditions to avoid them from dying.

Can succulents live outside in winter?

This temperature can make a light frost in plant and can damage more tender succulents, and if the weather temperature drops below zero can will definitely kill the succulents, if you wonder why this happens? It is because considerable amount of water is stored in plant leaves and stems and when water freezes it expands and destroys the cell structure in the plant and leads to death of the plant.

what should we do to avoid this to happen?

To avoid this to happen you can easily take you plants home but if you don’t have enough space in your home here is what to do. Horticultural fleece is the best option to save your succulents and plant from dying and wrapping them with it is vital for their survival.

Can succulents live outside in winter? How is it happen

Depends on where you live and what temperature you are dealing with horticultural fleece grade differs and there are light frost to heavy frost ones and if your living area`s temperature drops below minus 10 you will need some heavy frost type to protect your plants.

Wrapping your plants with horticultural fleece help to trap warm weather which radiates from ground and give your plant a protective environment which helps them to survive in very cold situations.

Can succulents live outside in winter?

It also helps the plant to not let go of the water and kind of makes a humid environment under it so watering plants will come to its lowest. Fleece also lets light movement which is vital to your plants health.

Best option is to move your plants inside or into greenhouse if its available because this method is 100 percent guaranteed that will save your plants from dying, because greenhouses creates the best environment possible for plants to live in winter days and helps them to thrive the tough situations that happens in winter months.

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