Monstera leaves are turning yellow

Monstera turning yellow

Hello everyone welcome to another topic with me, to day we are going to talk about Monstera turning yellow, we talked about Monstera has Brown Spots and Monstera leaves Falling Over and today we are going to talk about why Monstera leaves are turning yellow.

having yellow leaves can be a really big problem, Your Monestra`s leaves could be turning yellow for number of reasons. In this article we will discuss why they are turning yellow and how should be fix them. Let`s get to it.

Monstera Leaves Are Turning Yellow

There are various reasons for Monstera leaves to turn yellow which we are going to find out one by one what are the reasons, for example not enough nutrients, soil problems, weather conditions, and other things that might be the reason why your Monstera leaves are turning yellow. so without further ado lets get to know what causes this problem.


Soil Related problems

Not Enough Nutrients in Soil

Your Monstera leaves are turning to yellow because the nutrients in the soil is not enough for plant to give to all leaves and keep them green that’s because Nitrogen is what we call a mobile nutrient is very essential to prevent Monstera leaves turning yellow, and its able to be transported through the plant and to be used in the area that it is needs most and that is always the newest growth of the plant.

You need to provide needed nutrients to plant in order to prevent yellow leaves.

Improper Soil Moisture

One of the most common cause that Monstera leaves are turning yellow is improper soil moisture in another word, over watering the plant. Best time to water Monstera is when only 2 or 3 inches of top of the soil is dry. Soil of the plant should be damp but not wet and that’s the mistake most of the people make. Winter times you can let soil of the plant to dry out a little more between every watering.

In case if you over watered your Monstera you can use the hole at the bottom of the pot to drain out the extra water and prevent your Monstera from dying eventually. Always remember excessive watering will kill plants so water them only when needed.

weather related problems


If you leaving in dry and hot areas and humidity level is low, it can be the cause that your Monstera are leaves turning yellow. When humidity is low and soil is dry it will cause leaves to brown on their edges then all the leave.

You can prevent this by misting the leaves and cleaning them often with a wet towel to help them receive what it needs to stay alive.


if your Monstera leaves are turning yellow and by any chance you keep them under direct sunligh, then i have bad news for you.

All Monsteras can adapt and thrive in low light areas and by means of low light, is place where there is low to bright indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight is deadly to Monsteras and when they exposed to direct sunlight for too long the foliage will burn and then turn it into yellow.

Monsteras can live in low light areas but their growth will slow and if the light is too little for too long it will also lead to yellow leaves. Pay attention to times Monstera is exposed to light and do as you must accordingly, by that I mean to move your plant to get how much light it can get.

Not Enough Water

Not enough water is anther problem that Monstera leaves are turning yellow , in order for the minerals and other nutrients to be absorbed by the plant water needs to transport the nutrients and minerals up and into the plant, so if you under water the plant those minerals and nutrients can be only transported to the top side of the plant where newest parts are and not give enough of those to other parts of the plant

Some Yellowing Might Be Natural

If you see some parts of the plant yellow don’t panic out it might the way plant grows, Monsteras are tend to lose some of their lower leaves like Drasenas palms, Chinese evergreens, these plants tend to provide for top of the plant and take minerals and nutrients away from lowest branches of the plant to keep growing and use limited nutrients to grow up, and it is just in their nature and nothing to worry about.

Monstera cutting Turning Yellow in Water

I have heard lots of people complaining about, Monstera leaves are turning yellow when they cut and putted them in water, well I suggest to not do that, these plants are so tough and very strong basically monsters, that is where they got their name,

If by any chance your plants cuttings are turning yellow there is nothing to worry, most of the times plants do that themselves, I mean they kill some parts in order to keep the important parts of the plant alive, and it seems that plant is dying but sometimes they actually die because they don’t get enough of nutrients and minerals from water and they fail to root as they should be, so if cuttings of your Monstera leaves are turning yellow then check the minerals of the water.A

As I said before, these plants are monsteras and if you want to propagate them, it is better to use soil instead of water they will root very fast in soil and only thing you need to do is to use enough fertilizer and proper watering, not so much not less, good amount of watering and always keep the soil damp not wet.

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