Monstera leaves falling over

Monstera leaves falling over

Monstera leaves falling over.Monstera plants are tropical evergreen spices that is very famous these days and I can say it one of the most favorite plants in the world.

These plants are known to be very easy growing plants and does not need so much attention, however you some conditions should be available for them to grow and you need to take care of them may be less than other plants but they need to be taken care of and if those conditions not met you may have experience that your Monstera leaves falling over.

These plant should be watered every one or two weeks but the point here is that the soil of the plant should be moisty all the time, not dry not wet but moisty.

Watering routine can be the case that you plant`s leaves are drooping and does not look much alive like before, overwatering and underwatering are the two main reasons for death between Monstera plants.

Monstera leaves falling over

Why my Monstera leaves are drooping and how to solve it?

Well here there could be two main things that causes these problems, first is watering routine and seconds is root bound.

First you need to check out that if your soil is dry or wet, if its dry it means that you have been underwatering your plant and it does not receive the amount of water that it is expecting so because of that your plant cannot grow as expected. But if its wet and still your plant`s leaves doesn`t seem very well and looks droopy then it shows that you overwater your plant and that’s a serious problem and you need to let your plant`s soil to dry out completely before watering it again.

Let`s say you water correctly and the soil is moist, so what can cause this problem?

Here we problem called root bound, it is basically roots are being tied up to each other. If the pot or the container that you are using is small this problem can occur and roots grow to the point that they get tied up with each other and there is not enough space for them to grow.

In this case you have no other choice but to change the pot and repot it in new container, bigger one of course so they can grow as much as they want, but if you don’t want them to grow big and stay in small container, all you have to do is brush off the soil and clean out the pot that you are using and once the roots are clean and the pot is empty you can use the same pot to replant, you only need to use new potting compost.

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