Monstera Has Brown Spots

Monstera Has Brown Spots

Monstera Has Brown Spots.Hello plant lovers welcome to another article about Monsteras, with me. Today in this topic we are going to talk about what should we do if Monstera has brown spots? And what they are showing.

Monsteras are amazing and elegant houseplant, these plants are loved around the world for their super cool looks, if you have Monstera at home and it has brown spots on it this article will help you a lot with solving the problem so stick with us till the end.

Why Monstera has brown spots?

There are lots of reasons for this to happen but the first reason and most important reason is overwatering, if you overwater your plant you will start to see brown spots on your Monstera`s leaves.

How to solve overwatering issue:

Alright the first thing you need to notice is that plants does not need to be watered all the time and they does not need as much as water as you think.

From now on before watering your plant, check the soil to see if the top couple inches of the soil is dry or not, and be careful some times the top layer might look very dry but if you dig up a little to see if the soil is actually dry and be sure the layer that root of the plant is in it dry.

:Now if you notice that it is too late and root rot is in progress you need to follow these steps

  • First you need to carefully take the plant out of the pot to see the roots, if your plant has rotten root problem you will see roots are turned black or brown and they smell bad.
  • You need to cut off any infected parts of the root and fro that you need to use sterile scissors and sterile pruning shears.
  • After you cut off all the infected parts wash the roots with clean water and repot the plant in new container and be sure it has plenty drainage holes.
  • For repotting your plant you need good soil mixture and I can say combination of 2/3 potting mix and 1/3 perlite is good mixture for your plant to gain some strength.

Second Reason

Second reason can be deep inside the container you are keeping your plant. it can be rotten root problem, there are several reasons for this to happen and the main one is overwatering, when you water your plant more than you should, roots inside the pot start to get more and more water than required so the roots can`t drain all the water so it makes the roots to rot.

Third Reason

Third reason is called root bound. The reason is when your plant out-grow the container which it is in, roots find no place to go and they start to get bounded with each other and container hold the plant back from growing and that damages the plant.

Fourth Reason

The final reason is sunlight, if your plant doesn’t get enough sunlight it cannot get the energy required to produce and grow, so it will face hard times and plant cannot deliver required nutrients to the leaves.

Other reasons that can damage your plant

If you are not a professional in plant subject, you might get surprised if I say too much sunlight also damages the plant and the energy it keeps receiving is too much that it burns the inner cells in the leaves so it turns out as brown dots and brown edges in the leaves.

Light Green Spots On Monstera Leaves

Monstera Has Brown Spots

This mostly happens when Mosntera grows new leaves, when new leaves are coming it usually takes a couple of weeks for a leaf to fully harden off.

Young leaves are still developing chloroplasts in their cells, they are the part of the plant that contain chlorophyll, this makes the plants green, and as the plants grow they get greener.

Because young leaves are thin they don’t have lots of layer as older leaves have so they look like very light and even if the sunlight hits them it makes them look like even more lighter.

If the leaves don’t get darker after few weeks, it means that something is wrong with your plant and it is not happy.

You better check soil, container, the amount of light they receive and other necessary thing that might cause it, so check it, fix it and it will be good again and shine with its glory.

Tiny Black Dots on Monstera

Monstera Has Brown Spots

These dots can be cause by insects like lace bugs or other tiny insects called Aphids, some other disease or overwatering is one of the reason that can cause this problem.

All these have solutions that can easily solved, if its overwatering, leave your plant and let it dry out between every watering and just water it till one or three inches of the soil gets moisty.

If your plant is infested with bugs you can easily wash them off the plant but be careful while washing it, don’t drown your plants soil keep the water off the soil.

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