Monstera cutting

 Monstera cutting

Monstera cutting.Monstera Deliciosa a Swiss cheese plant that has gone very famous and popular all around the world, and because of its fame they are being sold in really high prices in stores, but there is a trick that you can use for having more Monsteras and that is propagation.

Cutting Monstera plants for propagation has its own ways and you need to be careful with those and you have to know where to cut and know some parts of the plant before cutting.


There are two types of propagation:

  • Water propagation
  • Soil propagation

In this topic we are going to talk only about cutting and will tell you everything you need to know about it, including where to cut and how to cut the plant so you can propagate it properly. If you want to learn about water and soil propagation “Click Here” and read the topic hope it is helpful enough.

First thing is to look at your plant and decide which of the arms you are going to cut and after that you need to find the aerial root of that arm.

Once you found it you need to go almost inch or half to an inch below of the aerial root and cut it, the reason is aerial root is where new roots are going to grow from.

Next step is to select a sharp and clean scissors or a razor, the reason I am saying it has to be clean and sharp is because when your cutting tool is sharp it will cut really nice without damaging the spine or the arm, the reason for being clean is to keep unwanted infections away from the plant so after propagating you can be sure that you plant is going to grow as a healthy plant and chance of propagation goes up.

However, if you couldn’t find scissors you can use razors too, razors are a good choice because as far as I know they are all sterilized and the odds of your plant getting infected is almost zero.

Another good thing about razors is that they are really sharp and it would really clean, all you need to do is to put razor on where you want to cut it and spin it and there you go, an amazing cut.

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