Monstera Growing condition

Monstera Growing condition

Monstera Growing condition.Most of us are familiar with the big Monstera Deliciosa with giant plants or even smaller giant plants like in 6 inch or 8 inch containers.

Here in this topic I am going to give you some tips on Monstera growing conditions and how to care for your plant. I think one of the reasons that Monstera plants are so popular is that the tropical beauty is the icon of jungle liciousness.

When you bring them indoors and keep them in your houses it will give you the jungle vibes, with dark green heart shaped foliage like most philodendron in the wild, it can be found going along the jungle floor and up the side of the trees or whatever else this aerial roots can grab on to.

These plant wrap their roots around trees and climb up them also putting moisture in it but if you keeping it in your home it won`t be the case. But if you living in dry and hot climate or if you don’t like how they growing you can trim them as you want.


When it comes to light medium to bright indirect light is best for the Monstera, if you pay attention on their growing habit in wild, you will notice that they are growing up in mostly shaded by direct sunlight.

The reason for this is that direct sunlight will burn your plant and it will give your plant a yellow brownish color which indicates that, that part of the plant is dying or been dead for a while, so if you don’t want that happen be sure to avoid direct sunlight.

If you make the good requirements the wholes on the leaves will be much more than growing in normal light, that’s because plant is trying to give more light to leaves in the bottom part of the plant so they can grow too.


Watering is so important so pay extra attention to this one.

Make sure to only water when a top two inches of soil are completely dry, water slowly to make sure that water has reached every part of the plant`s roots.

Make sure to water the plant until the extra water comes out from drainage hole and the bottom of your container or pot, when it`s done wait like 10-15 minutes and then take away the extra water, if it stays there it will make your plant`s root to rot over time and will definitely kill your plant.

Healthy root will look like sturdy and white not dark and mushy.

As I said before watering Monstera is so important and needs extra attention that is because if you overwater your plant the leaves will turn yellow and will die but if you recently purchased your Monstera, it is normal to see lower leaves turn yellow and die, then plant just getting used to his new home so there is nothing to be worry about, after some time the plant will adjust to new place and will find its way back to life.

If you underwater your plant, the plant`s leaves will turn brown on tips of the leaves and will be crispy, if by any chance it happens correct your hydration style and cut out the brown spots if you think it makes plant to look bad and if you don’t like them. You can also spay water on them to make them feel like they are in humid areas but be careful if you do in in middle of the day the suns reflection may also burn the leaves too.

If all these requirements are met they will grow massive and large and they will need big space, you can also hold them up by putting some stick in the soil and attach the leaves to it so then can grow up, if you don’t know how to do it visit the link below:


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