Monstera Watering Schedule

Monstera Watering Schedule

Monstera Watering Schedule.The famous Monstera plant is an awesome, beautiful plant that loved for its unique look and laid back style. In this topic we will talk about how you should water your Monstera plant and not over or underwater it.

As said before almost everywhere, the trick is to water your plant only when top 3 or 4 inches of the soil is dry and it is almost every 14 days it doesn’t matter if it`s summer time or winter time if you keeping your plant indoor the watering schedule is same. But be careful, the safety of your plant is not just about watering, there are some other elements that you should pay attention to them too.

Saying again the best time to water you Monstera plant is when the soil dries out, also you need to be sure that the pot or container that you are keeping you Monstera in has good drainage hole so your plants roots don’t rot.

Here are some signs that tells you to stop watering your Monstera:

  • If your Monstera`s leaves turn to yellow
  • There are signs of black spots on the stem
  • The soil that you keep your plant in is wet

Depending on your plants size and the pot or container that you keep your plant in the amount of wwater that you need to give to the plant differs, but generally speaking if you see water is dripping from the drainage hole underneath. Keep in mind that if your soil is not well prepared it will look very solid and water will not go through it.

Monsteras are easy going plants so you don’t need to special things between every watering just clean the soil of fallen leaves and spray water on it, occasionally.

If you are propagating Monstera and don’t know how to water it well it is easy, if you are propagating in soil only thing you need to be sure of is to water it till the soil is moist, not wet.

If you repotted your plant after repotting give the plant good soaking straight water and wait to soil get completely dry and then water it properly.

If you don’t know when you need to water your Monstera, just pay attention if the leaves starts to curl, droop or crisp up at the edges, if you see these signs then your plant needs watering but careful not to overwater it.

You can also mist your Monstera so that you help it to hydrate leaves and provide humidity, though over doing it will result in decay and fungal infections.

There is a common question between people and that is, can yellow Monstera leaves turn green again? The answer depends on the situation of the plant, most Monstera plants that suffered that over or underwatering will not gain back their original color, but if a plant that suffered the same situation but not damaged so bad and just got a bad look will look good again if you water it properly.

if you have any intentions to keep your Monstera plant in water i have to tell you that it is not a good idea, it is ok to keep it for short period of time but if you want to grow it in water the bad news is they will die. with average room temperature which is 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius it will thrive for almost three weeks and after that it will start to rot.

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