Is Monstera toxic to dogs?

Is Monstera toxic to dogs?

Is Monstera toxic to dogs?In the last couple of years Monstera Deliciosa has become the most popular house plants, you can see these plants pretty much everywhere like in restaurants, hotel lobbies, offices, in art galleries and pretty much everywhere. People also getting their shirts and clothes printed with plant`s image.

These plants, Monstera Deliciosa, is known to have split leaves, some types have a lot of holes depending on how mature your plant is. Monsteras are not very difficult to care for as long as you follow some rules, which works for almost any house plant, to be more clear you need to know whatever needs to know for keeping a house plant alive.

These amazing house plants love a lot of bright light, a lot of people might do a mistake and put them under direct sunlight, if this happens their leaves will burn and if they burn you need to snip off the leaf.

About watering you better wait until the soil is 100 percent dry or even couple days more after that, make sure your pot has drainage hole so that water gets from top to bottom and everywhere in the pot. You can even wipe the leaves clean every one or two week, because they get dusty and you know they look beautiful so for beauty of the plant you can wipe their leaves and yes it helps the plant too by helping it to catch the light more and clearly.

For fertilizer it is better to use it once in a month and only in growing season so that plant uses everything in soil.

Choosing soil is also important, better to use mix of premium potting mix and cacti soil to help with drainage.

That’s being said let`s get to the real topic which is “is Monsteras toxic to Dogs?” first of all if you have a pet before buying anything always make sure that your pet and what you buy are compatible. Most pets are known to bite the plants and try to eat them and if you have a plant in your home which not compatible and toxic, this may end up really bad.

So are these Monsteras toxic to your cat or dog? Or any other pet you keeping? Keep reading this article and learn everything about toxicity of these plants.

To be honest we can`t really say these plants are toxic or not, however these plants are is listed as toxic ones in ASPCA, but are they really that toxic?

The reason they announced as toxic plants are because they contain calcium oxalate crystals, what are they? Well calcium oxalate crystals are also what causes kidney stones, these are created inside plant`s cells and sometimes they even have barbs.

Calcium oxalate crystals are very painful to the mouth and stomach if it gets bitten or ingested, apparently these plants can be really painful and make you cry. if your pet bites your Monstera, it doesn’t matter which specie it bites, it would be really painful to and definitely will not have great time. If your pet bites it, poor animal will surely feel so much pain but will it kill the animal? No it will not!! They will only have some bad time until affects are gone.

The real dangerous thing here which you have to give a lot of attention is when you see a swelling occurs after biting the plant so you take your pet to a vet as soon as you can to avoid any unwanted results. Remember Monsteras are not toxic and has no toxin in their system just a bad and gross on the tongue and throat area.

Is Monstera toxic to dogs?

Are they dangerous to pets?

Real question is, “are they dangerous to pets?” well the answer is if the uncommon swelling does not show up, it is just some painful time and it will be over, so it depends on the situation. I myself won`t put this plant in reach pets and even if they do it would be their last time doing it, let`s say your dog puts its paw on it, after the painful time because of the bite there is nothing to panic about, that pain will teach your dog to not to touch it again, and be sure that is one tme lesson to them.

Is Monstera toxic to dogs?⭐(Picture)-(Videos) 100%Practical

About the cats let me ensure you that Monsteras are not that kind of plants which attract cats so the chance of your cat injures itself by this plant dramatically drops, considering this fact.

In conclusion are these plants deadly? Answer is no, unless some serious reactions occurs after touching or biting it and if it happens by any chance take your pet to vet and after treatment they will be all ok.

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