How Long Do Camellia Flowers Last

Assuming you’ve at any point encountered Camellia bushes or little trees in full sprout, seeing why, is not hard.

Sometimes it is called the rose of winter or the sovereign of winter blossoms, camellia assortments generally sprout during the colder months.

As well as looking like roses, camellia blossoms can be molded like anemones or peonies.

The blossoms can be single, twofold, and semi-twofold, and come in red, pink, white, or a blend of these varieties.

In any case, there’s something else to camellias besides their excellent blossoms, for example, these entrancing realities you presumably have close to zero insight into them.

Camellia Blooming

It depends on what kind of Camellia you choose, time of their blooming are different.

But generally most of the varieties bloom between autumn and spring.

Some Japonica cultivars will blossom from fall into spring as well.

Reticulates have the largest blooms and they bloom in late winter and spring and they are bit more sensitive to cold climates.

Bloom in Summer?

You might ask yourself, does Camellias bloom in summer too? Well the answer is yes they do.

Breeders are working on a new specie and new Camellia hybrids that can bloom in summer too, there is only one variety that can grow in summer and that’s Wendzalea.

Wendzalea is available in US, it has ruby red semi double blooms that blooms from July to November and again from February till March.

How Tough Camellias Are?

These plants are really hardy ones but they don’t necessary cold-hardy, that is why they are limited to USDA zones 7 to 10.

However, breeders created a new species which is hardier than normal and can withstand cold more than other varieties, they can grow in zone 6.

Founder and CEO of mobile app Gardenize, Jenny Rydebrink , said that if the climate in your area is too cold, using pots can save your plants.

And other tip is you can plant your Camellias in large or small pots that you can bring inside incase weather gets really cold.

Keep them in cool areas but not so cold, give them lots of light but watch out for sun burn, and as we always say water your plant only they need to and avoid over and under watering.

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