How to keep Pansies alive in summer

How to keep Pansies alive in summer

How to keep Pansies alive in summer.Hello every one welcome to another article about lovely plants.

In this topic we are going to talk about how to take care pansies in summer and how to prune it.

First let me answer a question and that is “why we should prune Pansies?” well the answer is simple, it is because of energy.

Before you think about any Star Wars or Physics let me tell you, it is not that kind of energy we are speaking of.

Roots of the plant get the necessary nutrients and minerals from soil and water and send it to the stem, flowers and basically all over the plant, and that is what we call “Energy” the requirement for the plant to grow.

That being said let`s see how we can prune the plant:

So thing you need to do is to prune it in order to keep the plant safe and keep it ready for the next time to grow.

So for doing this you need to find the closest node to the root on every stem and cut it couple inches upper than that node.

You will see some small Pansies grow from those nodes, careful not to damage them, because those will start to grow when conditions met again.

Pruning will keep the plant safe and healthy during the summer time and not doing it might result in having a dead plant.

Cut every stem as mentioned and keep those buds safe.

After doing that you need to keep it out of sunlight, because direct sunlight will definitely kill the plant and sun and heat is the reason we are pruning it right? So yeah keep it from away from sunlight.

Be sure to water it regularly and keep it safe from any harm, and I mean any damage that can kill your plant, for example you pet might bite or you might come across with bug infestation and lots of other things that can kill a plant.

Keep it safe and after summer time you will have your beautiful Pansies again and you can enjoy the beauty of it.

Hope this article helped you, more articles coming soon and don’t forget to share your ideas with me in the comment secion.

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