Is Monstera poisonous to touch?

Is Monstera poisonous to touch?

Is Monstera poisonous to touch?The question which is asked a lot is “Is Monstera poisonous?” well the answer is not completely, I mean it is mildly toxic to humans and toxic to dogs and cats.

Symptoms can be oral irritation, pain and swelling of mouth, tongue and lips excessive drooling, vomiting and swallowing difficulties.

As we said these are mildly toxic to humans and that means they will not irritate your hands but they will irritate your lips, mouth or tongue if you touch those parts after touching the plant. If you feel really bad after somehow it touched the mentioned part be sure to visit doctor.

The reason this plant is poisonous it`s because it contains calcium oxalate crystals which is the same element in making the kidney stones. Monsteras are only toxic in high amount.

If this plant is eaten in large quantities it causes burning around the mouth, tongue, lips, throat, it causes vomiting, difficulty in swallowing and other symptoms.

Question is are all parts of the plant poisonous? Well the answer is no, the only poisonous part of the plant is it`s leaves, the leaves of the plant will poison you if its eaten, and of course this plant has a delicious fruit but you need to be careful because if it is eaten unripe it will make you sick as well because it contains the same calcium oxalate crystals.

These plants were shown to be a powerful air cleaner which means it reduces the air pollution and if you have one of these plants in your house you can rely on to clean the air of your room, just be sure it is putted in the stop which kids and pets can`t reach it.

Beside of cleaning the air, this plant can also produce oxygen and absorb formaldehyde and carbon dioxide at night so it is very helpful in increasing the air quality of the room It is in it.

For taking care of the plant you need to put it in the place where good amount of light can reach it but not under direct sunlight and for watering, water it every time your soil dries out completely from you last watering. You can also polish the leaves by just one pieces of cloth and just wipe it clean, that’s pretty much it.

Incase if your dog or cat bites the plant anyhow, they will feel lot of pain but it will not kill them, it will just give them bad time and will teach them a good lesson to never do that again but if symptoms get really bad and makes breathing hard for your pet rush your pet to a vet and after the treatment it will be just fine.

As for the lifespan of this plant, it can leave over 40 years but how much they live depends on your style of taking care of them actually, if you provide them with good amount of light and watering it as said it can lie more than 40 years.

These plants are not favored by cats but if in any case your cat wont biting it here is a tip to stop it from doing so, to deter your cat put few lemon or orange peels in your plants pot the aroma of these peels will drive away your cat or you can use some citrus fruit essential oils but be careful to use pet friendly oils to prevent your cat getting sick because of the oils.

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