Peace Lily benefits Feng Shui

We all know that bringing the right plants into the home or office space has many benefits. They help purify the air, add beauty to the visual aesthetic, and increase productivity.

Besides these advantages, are you aware that a specific lucky plant or flower can attract good luck and invite positivity into the space? One of the most popular flowers is the peace lily, also known as Spathiphyllum.

1. What Does a Peace Lily Symbolize?

The peace lily is closely linked to symbols of purity, peace, and prosperity because of its blooming white blossoms.
A peace lily, according to some Feng Shui practitioners, can help reduce bad energy and replace it with positive energy in your home.

2. How Does Peace Lily Benefit in Feng Shui?

Many believe it helps enhance the romance luck for the singletons. If you are looking for a partner, you can place this flower in the love/relationship sector based on the Bagua map.

Since it is a lucky symbol of prosperity and abundance, it is good to place a peace lily on your working desk. It brings good energy and also helps you better focus.

How Does Peace Lily Benefit in Feng Shui?

3. Where Should I Place a Peace Lily in My House?

When the peace lily flower is in full bloom, its potent smell will permeate the entire space. A lot of people like to put them in the balcony, living room, and other areas. So where are peace lilies most likely to grow?
Because the peace lily has a strong floral scent and elevates the entire look of the home, it is ideal to arrange it in the living hall.
In addition, it can infuse the area with energy and cheerfulness. It can also help to freshen the air, however ventilation should be taken into consideration. The reason for this is that certain people may become allergic to the huge pollen of peace lilies.

4. Can I Place This Flower in the Balcony?

Asides from Feng Shui, it is not suitable in places in your house with direct sunlight. Unless you have a shady balcony, if not, remove it away for it to survive better.

Besides that, it is best to keep peace lily and other plants from air-con vents or dehumidifiers.

5. Is Peace Lily Good For Bedroom?

Peace lilies are not something you should put in the bedroom. From a health perspective, the fragrance may be hazardous to your well-being because it contains traces of stimulants.
Long-term inhalation will excite your mind and activate your central nervous system. Thereby, it will interfere with our nighttime sleep, so avoid placing one in the bedroom.

Peace lily plant benefits for home

Invites positive energies

Peace lily is among the popular houseplants considered auspicious and invite positive energies in the house.

Low maintenance

Peace lilies are suitable for homes and office spaces as it requires moderate to low sunlight. You can place the plant in your living room or other areas in a house and leave plants without watering them daily. However, peace lilies require watering when the soil becomes dry.

Purifies indoor air

Peace lily plant is known to lower indoor air pollution and improve air quality. Pollutants and poor ventilation may lower the air quality inside homes. Keeping certain indoor plants can significantly control the pollution level by absorbing harmful pollutants or chemicals such as acetone and alcohol found in paints, varnishes, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, etc., improving the moisture level in air. Peace lily also reduces mould spores in air, a pollutant that causes lung problems.

Restful night’s sleep and other health benefits

The houseplant can promote various health benefits by lowering pollution levels and purifying air indoors. It helps lower stress and promotes sound sleep. The presence of peace lilies in a house can have a positive effect on the mood and help attract positive energies.

Peace lily is considered a symbol of love and peace. Thus, the bedroom is another ideal location to keep a peace lily plant. It will promote sound sleep and eliminate anxiety and worries.

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Home décor

Many people prefer peace lilies to adorn their home interiors by placing the plant on tables, shelves, or room corners. The plant, with its wide, dark green leaves and curved bract white flowers, can complement the home décor and help beautify the living space in a house. You can enhance the overall look of the plants by placing them in decorative flower pots.

Prevents formation of mildew and eliminates mould spores

High moisture content areas like the kitchen, baths, and washrooms can cause mildew to grow on things like bathroom curtains and tile grout. Because peace lilies absorb excess moisture from their surroundings, placing one in the bathroom helps keep mildew from forming. As a result, the wetness on the drapes and walls decreased.

Additionally, the presence of mold spores can lead to health issues like coughing and sneezing as well as irritation of the skin, throat, and eyes. It may exacerbate the signs of long-term respiratory conditions like asthma. Keeping the peace lily plant indoors reduces the amount of mold spores that proliferate.

Peace lily: Quick facts

Plant name Peace lily
Scientific name Spathiphyllum
Found in Tropical areas of the Americas and southeastern Asia
Benefits It eliminates indoor air pollution, lowers stress, and promotes sound sleep, easy care and maintenance.
Significance Attracts good luck and positive energies


Which direction is the best for peace lily?

Banana peel fertilizer for peace lily

You can place peace lilies near south or west-facing windows in the bedroom.

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