Monstera Friedrichsthalii care

Monstera Friedrichsthalii care

Monstera Friedrichsthalii care.Hello there and welcome to another topic about lovely Monstera plant. In this topic we are going to talk about Monstera Friedrichsthalii care tips which is also known as Monstera Adansonii.

This is really popular plant not because of its eye catching beauty but also they are easy to take care of, but of course they also need attention, not like other plants but needs attention too.


Well first let`s talk about watering, as we all know water is essential but the amount of the water you are using, I can say is more important. Every 10 days of watering will be enough for this plant but how can we know that plant needs water? You need to check out that the soil doesn’t look damp at the top of the soil, you can easily know it by touching the soil.

If you cannot feel any moisture when you touch the soil in the 2 or 3 inches of it, then that’s the sign that you need to water your plant.

The thing about these plants is that they are thirstier than other Monstera types but they are also in danger of root rot, it is very tricky because if you plant`s leaves turn yellow it can be the sign on overwatering and also under-watering.

Well here is how to say if it`s under-watered or overwatered.

If after couple days your plant`s soil is wet and leaves started to turn yellow that is the sign that you are overwatering your plant and you need to aerate the soil a little bit to let the air flow more in the soil and make it dry. Remember that DO NOT water it until the soil is dried out completely.

If you see the leaf yellow and soil is dry that means you are under-watering your plant and do it till the soil is moisten and NOT wet.

Keep in mind that leaves which turned yellow sadly will not change back its color to green again, so if yellow leaves bothering you, you better trim it off otherwise let be but it will be yellow.


Next level of importance, is soil. The best soil mixture I can tell you is airy chunky soil mix, the reason is if you use chunky soil mix it is lot harder to get root rot on a plant and that is because it doesn’t compact down roots the same way, like very dense soil mix does.

If you want to use pre-mixed soil, I would recommend you to use cactus or orchid mix. You can always add a little bit more perlite of you worry about the soil compacting down too much.

If you mix your own soil, I would recommend using coco coir (if I spelled it correct) or coco husk, pumice or perlite, mosquito-bits and worm castings, this of course one way of mixing the soil and you can have your own way of doing it.


The Friedrichsthalii (Adansonii) does prefer temperatures from around 60 to 80 degrees, that’s temperature is sweet spot for Monstera Friedrichsthalii (Adansonii) and have in mind that it doesn’t like temperature lower than 55 degrees.

Another important thing about temperature is, if you keep your plant where it is, for example 80 degrees and move to another place which is 65, it will be harmful to the plant.

Try not to keep it where there are sudden temperature changes or move it around where temperature is entirely different.


These Monsteras love bright light areas but they also tolerate lower light as well the only thing that will happen to the plant if you keep it in low light area is that the growth of the plant will be slow a little and will not grow that big compared to right light areas.

Remember direct sunlight will damage your plant and in long period of time it will end up killing your plant.


The good news is this plant doesn’t require high humidity.

Of course if the humidity is like 60 or 70 percent it will do really good but as long as you are able to give it 40 to 50 percent it will do just fine.

In 60 to 70 percent humidity the leaves will look like more alive, more beautiful and it will just look amazing but as we know it is not necessary.

That being said, if you have any new ideas and best way to have soil mixture or any other tips that will help growth of this plant, please let us know on the comment section.

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