Monstera Uses

Monstera Uses

Monstera Fruit and how it tastes?

Monstera Uses:Hello everyone and welcome to another article about Monsteras, but this time it is a little bit different, this time we are going to talk about Monstera uses and Monstera`s fruit and see if we can eat them or not.

Here is the pic that shows you what fruit of this plant loos like, the outer layer of the fruit is actually the protective layer of it so you have to peel it off in order to get to the fruit and eatable part underneath it.

Monstera Uses

Monstera Uses

You have to be careful though because if you eat unripe Monstera fruit due to the calcium oxalate in the flesh, they are also called Raphides, they cause little tiny wounds all in your mouth and throat and it can cause swelling and irritation.

It is really bad, it is like eating whole tiny little needles or like a cactus, so it is not really a good thing so you need to avoid consuming unripe Monstera fruit.

The reason these have the Raphides in them is basically a defense mechanism to avoid getting eaten by other animals or thing in the wild, also the leaves of the plant have the same thing so do not try to eat or bite them because you will definitely have a bad time.

Another thing you need to have in mind that they have oxalic acid in the unripe fruits but the reduce as they ripen, and if you guys are have to avoid oxalic acid because of like kidney stones some other health thing that prevents you from consuming oxalic acid, do ask your doctor before trying this fruit.

The taste of this fruit, reported as eating a pineapple or cherimoya, haven’t tried it so sadly cannot approve if they really taste like these.

So yeah, you can eat it and it tastes pretty good, I haven’t tried it but people who did, actually liked it so you can eat them but remember the thing mentioned above.

Monstera benefits

Monstera plants has lots of benefits if you keep them indoor here we are going to talk about some of them.

The first thing is they make your home or your office more attractive because of the uniqueness of their leaves and how they grow.

Monsteras can purify the air that they are in, they can get harmful thing in the air and they also take carbon dioxide and produce air which can refresh your home atmosphere.

As we said above, the fruit of this plant is eatable, fruit also has vitamin C, vitamin B, proteins and calcium, as said never eat unripe fruit of this plant.

This plant is also useful to cure some diseases and health problems such as insect or snake bites or Arthritis.

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