How to Propagate Rex Begonia from Stem cuttings.⭐

How to Propagate Rex Begonia from Stem cuttings? Hello plant lovers welcome another topic about lovely Begonias.

Today we are going to talk about how to propagate rex begonias from stem cuttings, hope this tutorial is helpful and without further ado let`s get to it.

Stem propagation

The first thing is to find out where to cut the plant, you need to look at the stem and find out where the nodes are (by nodes I mean the stem between little white lines across the stem).

So for propagation cut stem at least two nodes.How to Propagate Rex Begonia from Stem cuttings

After you cut the stem, it is better to cut off some lower leaves so you can avoid the energy that is being wasted in them so that energy can be used to make plant to grow faster.

after that take your cutting and dip it into rooting hormone, after that put that cutting into water.

The amount of water is your choice but be sure that at least two of the nodes are in the water.

Soil propagation

Propagate Rex Begonia from Stem cuttings-100%real✅

So that was how to propagate it in water, let`s talk about how to propagate it in soil.

Prepare a bottle of perlite and coco peat make it a little bit damp by putting some water in it, and then the only think you have to do is to put the cutting into the mixture.

After that you need to help it a little bit by adding a diluted form of water and P1 amino acid to fortify it.

Here is the thing, because we are using a cup it doesn’t have a drainage whole, so the thing you going to do is, to put the cutting half a way in the cup so that the end of the cutting does not hit the water and that water at the end of cup will keep soil moisty and hydrated.

Another option is to use two cups, you can make a hole in the first cup and then put it in the second cup which does not have a hole, so the water stays in the second cup but it will help the plant to stay hydrated.

That’s pretty much it guys after three weeks they will usually grow roots and if they do your Begonias are ready to get transferred into their big pots and they will grow in no time if they meet the requirements.

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