bamboo plants are turning yellow? Why And Why not? here in this article we are going to talk about bamboo and reasons that will cause yellow leaves for that. Follow us till the last line…

What is Bamboo?

First of all let`s talk about bamboo itself and see what is bamboo exactly.

Bamboos are diverse group of evergreen plants and sustainable wood resource which is being used in furniture and replacement for cedar mahogany and other hardwood lumbers it can also easily decorate indoor space or even outdoors if necessary requirements are met.

Bamboo plants are yeas to take care of if you know how to do it , if you don’t consider some important points your bamboo plant will not look good and happy, and that situation is when your plants leaves are turning into yellow. You might question that why this is happening and can we restore plant`s color and get rid of yellow? Well, we will get to it in a minute.

Bamboo plants need clean air and the surrounding that you keep this plant in should be also clean as well cause even little pollution around can affect your bamboo plant badly, It also needs clean water and good lighting but be cautious putting bamboo plant in direct sun light cause it will surely damage it. If you see that your bamboo plant is growing yellow leaves or its own leaves are changing their color into yellow, that is the sign which shows you that your plant is in a problem and some of the requirements may not have met, in this situation and resulted in turning your plants leaves into yellow.

For your information bamboo plants grows in Africa, lush rainforest and south east Asia, where there are good conditions which are low light and high humidity but when we take those plants indoor everything changes and your bamboo shows it unhappiness with yellow leaves but in order to know why this happens you should know every single thing that can damage your plant.

If you see your plant have yellow leaves with brown tips plant directly says you that it doesn’t get enough water. Always check soil of your plant and water it when the surface is dry. Always use transparent container so that you can see level of your water as you watering it and as mentioned before don’t fill it so all roots gets under water, let some roots out of water so it can breath and be sure to change the water every two weeks to prevent fungus and mold growing inside.

top reasons bamboo plants are turning yellow:

Why bamboo plants are turning yellow?

Water rationing pros and cons

How much Water you should give to your plant is so important, some people think giving too much water to it will save it and make it grow even faster and even planting bamboo near rice paddies or standing water is the perfect idea which is completely wrong idea and it is the fastest way to kill the plant for sure, the soil of the bamboo should be moist but not soggy and you need to allow dirt to dry out between every watering.

 Under watering the plant is also a problem you should always pay attention to your watering system especially if you use drip watering and make sure it works properly and every plant receives good amount of water. Remember that under watered bamboo plant can be saved by watering enough and quenching its thirst , however over watered bamboo plant will have hard times with recovering rotten roots and maybe it cannot recover at all.

Effects of fertilization on Bamboo plants

We talked about over watering and under watering the plant can result in having yellow leaves and even death of the bamboo plant, now lets see how fertilization can help or even damage our bamboo plant.

You may see some problems if plant is not getting enough nutrients, cause you keep bamboo plant in container the available nutrients are low and limited so you need to do something in order to give plant required nutrients, and best thing you can do is fertilization.

First of all lack of fertilizer will not kill your plant but applying enough of it on regular basis will help your plant to grow faster, stronger and brighter also bamboos prefer high mixture of nitrogen and it will help them a lot in growing and making it strong. Also giving too much of nutrients to plant and over fertilize it will severely damage your plant.

What does light does with your plant?

As for light like every other plants, bamboo plants need light to grow, you should be very careful about it and before planting you bamboo search about your bamboo specie cause some species grow much better in shade and direct sun light will damage it. As we said if you want your plant to do its best first search about its specie and after knowing what it needs to grow plant your bamboo for great results.

You might think about spraying water on you bamboo, but doing it in middle of the day is not a good idea because water droplets on plant can magnify sunlight and can burn your Bamboo which will result in yellow leaves, but if you do it correctly once in a while, it is really good idea; for good results spray it mornings or evening while sun is not that high which can result in burning it leaves.

What should we do about yellow leaves?

For getting rid of yellow leaves, there is only one solution that can help you, and that’s sadly not a good way, for getting rid of them you need to carefully cut all those yellow leaves down, you cant save them anymore and you should think about saving the whole plant cause those leaves are gone for good.

what should we do about yellow leaves

For best results It is better to use scissors, a sharp one, and also sterilized one, keep in mind that it is really important. You may wonder why sterilized, well the answer is it will prevent infections and diseases that you may transfer to plant with your cutting tool.

Can we save Bamboo plants if stems are yellow?

The worst part is when your plants stems turn into yellow. Having yellow leaves but green stem shows you that there is good chance that your plant can be saved but if its vice versa and you have yellow stems or any sign that shows you they are going yellow, the problem is very serious and risk of loosing entire plant is super high.

You can try cutting those yellow stems as much as possible but don’t give it 100 percent that it will make it ok again. The most important thing in here before taking any action is to find the root of the problem and cure it, you might just cut the leaves and stems but real problem maybe something else and you will experience all those things all over again. Check the possible causes that maybe responsible for leaves to change color into yellow and identify the one which causes so much problems to your plant.

One important thing that we should be careful about is that  if you live in an area with cold winter and hot summers be sure to bring your plant inside once temperatures gets cold or hot, and in hot summer days have it in mind that give your plant light but not direct sunlight so it can be safe and enjoy your plant growing.

here is an article which you can find top applications of bamboo plants.

At the end, if you want to have a beautiful Bamboo tree at home and enjoy it, always have in mind that water it enough but also let the root breath, never let sun directly shine on it and pay attention to nutrients level of your water so that your plant have everything to shine and show its majesty in your home.

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