How to grow Tulips from seed?✅

Hello plant lovers, welcome to another topic about Tulips. Today in this topic we are going to talk about How to Grow Tulips from seed and all the care tips you need to know in order to save the tulips you want in any condition, so stick with us till the end.

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grow Tulips from seed tips

Grow Tulips from Seed

Starting off I need to tell you that if you want to grow tulips from seed you have to be patient, the reason is the plant may take up to few years to flower and they will not look like a lot to their parent plant.

According to DenGarden you can prepare and use tulip seeds yourself by letting an existing plant`s flowers to go to seed of course you need to know the tips that are explained below.

After gathering tulip seeds and drying them, make sure to plant them in cold frame in autumn and put some moist soil on them.

After you have done these in order to grow tulips from seed, you should see germination in March or April, but be sure to keep them in cold pots or frame entire time, from spring to summer because they need time to make bulbs.

When autumn arrives take them to the garden and before planting them make sure the bulbs are healthy and they are in good condition.

A good and healthy bulb should have dark brown hue and should feel hard, if all these conditions are met, you should see blooms in the coming spring.

how grow Tulips from seed
Planting Tulips Dissimilar Hardiness Zones

The ideal weather for Tulips to propagate is cold weather so this gives you the warning to be careful when you are planting or growing tulips from seed in warmer climates.

In USDA hardiness zones 8-10, where the temperature rarely drops below freezing, it is better to keep and chill them for 8 weeks in refrigerator in a paper bag, before planting them.

Another important tip that you need to know is that, it is better to keep them away from ripening fruits, it is because they produce a gas called Ethylene which Is fatal to the bulbs.

Best Tulips for Warmer Places

According to the National Gardening Association, If you are living in a warm place and searching for Tulips which are suitable for warmer places these tulips will be the most ideal ones:

  • Tulipa Clusiana AKA Lady Tulip
  • Tulipa Saxatilis AKA The Candia Tulip
  • Tulipa Sylvestris AKA Florentine Tulip

grow Tulips from seed tutorial

Grow tulips from seed

Best time or best soil temperature for planting tulip bulbs is 15 Degree Celsius or 60 Degree Fahrenheit or lower. Because this happens different times during the year in different places the following info will help you out to find out the time you need, all you need to know is in which Zone you live in:

  • Zones 4 & 5: September through early October
  • Zones 6 & 7: October to early November
  • Zones 8 & 9: November to early December
  • Zone 10: Late December to early January

When & Where to Plant Tulips

Tulip bulbs are planted in fall in USDA hardiness zones 7 and below, and in Zone 8 and higher, in late December or January for spring bloom, provided they have been chilled for 10 weeks.

Light: Tulips grow best in full sun in the North and partial shade in the South.

Soil: Plant tulip bulbs, pointed end up, in well-drained soil with a pH between 6 and 7. Add compost to improve sandy soils and poorly draining clay soils.

Spacing: Plant bulbs 4-6” apart.

Planting: The general rule of thumb is to plant bulbs three times as deep as the bulb’s length. Traditionally, tulips are planted 6-8” deep. Those who favor deep planting at 12”, claim there is less chance of sprouting in fall, damage by cold air and soil, being heaved up by freezing and thawing, or being eaten by animals. Southern gardeners may prefer to plant their bulbs at a more shallow depth, to take advantage of the exposure to cool air that occurs closer to the soil’s surface.

How to Grow Tulips Throughout the Season

Tulips grow upright and erect, producing single flowers on a leafless, node-less stem. They do not require staking, but hybrids with giant flowers may need support in spring winds and heavy rain. To trigger root system growth before winter dormancy, water bulbs after planting, and normal rainfall should suffice through spring. To keep bulbs dry during summer dormancy, turn off irrigation systems or store them in a mesh bag in a cool, dry location. Fertilize bulbs at planting time in fall and again in early spring when sprouts emerge. Cover the bulb bed with 2-3” of mulch after planting to maintain soil moisture and prevent soil splashing on the flowers. Trim and prune spent blooms to prevent seed formation and allow stems and leaves to die back naturally to yellow or brown before removing them.

Tulips: End of Season Care

Tulips can be divided every 3-5 years during fall dormancy, but avoid damaging the bulbs. When tulips stop producing flowers or leaves, they need more space for growth. Dividing offsets from the mother bulb is a solution, which takes several years to reach maturity and produces exact copies of the parent plant.

To grow tulips from seed, plant a separate plot for seed collection. Tulips can propagate more plants from seed than bulb offsets, and most produce seeds readily. However, tulips can be affected by pests such as aphids, bulb mites, thrips, rodents, and deer. Control measures include squashing aphids, inspecting bulbs for decay, and heat-treating them in 120°F water for 2 minutes. To eliminate thrips, use ladybugs and green lacewings, and use wooden paint stirrers coated with petroleum jelly. To prevent rodents, cover bulb zones with chicken wire, plant bulbs 12″ deep, and use deterrents like cayenne pepper, human urine, or animal hair. Interplant tulips with bulbs that rodents won’t eat.

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