Repotting the Monstera

Repotting the Monstera

Repotting the Monstera.In this article we are going to talk about repotting your Monstera and how to do it, in this step by step tutorial you can easily and successfully repot plant and make it grow even bigger and taller, without further ado let`s get into it.

So first thing is to get a container in case that you don’t make a mess with the soil and make everywhere dirty, so a huge container for yourself and start doing repotting in it.

If you used any material to keep your plant up right, you need to cut it down.

It is good for you to know that each individual vine will carry about 5-7 leaves, dropping the oldest leave as new one grows.

Monsteras develop aerial roots along nodes of the vine so if you want to propagate it, you know where to cut it, but for more information about click on “Propagating a Monstera”.

You can leave those roots to grow out side or cut them or just put them back in the soil this is actually depends on you to what to do with them.

Apply some pressure on the pot that the plant is in to loosen the soil, do it to all side of the pot it will help to come out easy.

So next step is to choose what kind of pot you want to use, in my opinion nursery pots are better because they are easier to move around and easier to repot.

Anyways, after choosing the pot you need to choose good soil, you can buy potting soil easily from internet or Walmart but remember to use perlite too, 2:1 ratio.

Tip: Provide support by adding a moss pole or trellis while the plant is small, it gives the plant a more compact look and the trains the plant to grow up.

After you mixed the soil and perlite it is time to take your plant and put it in the pot, adjust the height of the soil so when you put the plant it won`t be so high or too low.

After that fill the remaining space with the soil mix that you made before until it is full and if your plant is really tall and huge you need to hold it up so it wouldn’t be broken after some time.

So that’s it, you are successfully repotted your Monstera after this you only need to pay attention to the care routine and do as must to make the best of your environment to make your plant huge.

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