Can you leave Begonias in pots over winter?

Can you leave Begonias in pots over winter?

Can you leave Begonias in pots over winter?Hello plant lovers, welcome to another topic about plants, this time we are going to talk about plant named Begonias and answer the question “can you leave Begonias in pots over winter?”

 Begonia is from Begoniaceae, the genus contains from more than 2000 different plant species, home land of these plants are native to moist subtropical and tropical climates.

These plants and any type of these plants cannot withstand freezing cold and you should be extra careful when it is winter.

For being sure you need wintering them if you living in very cold areas and prone to freezing temperatures such as northern climates.

If you want to enjoy seeing Begonias very healthy and fine in your garden begin by wintering them indoors.

So the answer to the above question is “it depends”, if you want to keep them pots and leave them outside most likely your plant will die because as we said before, these plants cannot withstand cold and they will die for sure.

But if you want to transfer them in to pots and then bring them indoors, so in that case the answer is yes they will thrive and live, but be careful when you are transferring them, not to hurt the roots.

For better help here I am going to say how you are going to transfer them into pots safe and secure.

First if you don’t want your hands to get dirty you will need some gloves but if you like to feel the soil, which I really suggest, feel free not to use them.

Of course a trowel for digging, a pair of snips for trimming, some paper and box and some vermiculite or peat moss or wood shavings.

First thing you need to take your plant out of the soil, here is a tip that might help you and that is to slow down the watering couple weeks before starting of the frost and also couple weeks before of frost stop fertilizing them too.

This would make them feel like they are going to dormancy and it would prevent them from growing new roots.

Next step is easy, bring your box and paper and then you need to trim the plant to fit it in the box, don`t trim it so much and just cut the upper flowers and leaves, and put the plant at the bottom of the box, lay it down, and then put the paper on the plant.

After couple of weeks they will start to dry out and till a month they will dry completely and then you need to shake off all the remaining soils from the root so the stems can easily get separated and once that happened give each stem some space in the box and then pack some peat moss or wood shavings or vermiculites around them and make sure they have their own space in the box.

Store the bulbs in cool but not freezing location, like 5 to 10 Celsius degrees the best temperature for storing them, and also have in mind that to store them in dark place and keep them dark.

Check them out every month for anything and if one go infected remove them so it would not infect the others.

And that’s it you have your Begonias safe and secure for them next year and you can easily replant them when time is come.

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