How Many Begonia Shades in a Hanging Basket

How Many Begonia Shades in a Hanging Basket

How Many Begonia Shades in a Hanging Basket.Begonia Flowers are amazing and glorious looking plants and they will tolerate almost every weather expect freezing cold.

This beautiful plant will live in sun or shade and it will from early summer until autumn, if you are a plant lover you definitely know that this plant is so popular and also it is low maintenance too.

Plant in Basket

You can grow them in every container you want but for having the best results it is better to grow them in baskets where the baskets are eye level high and for always flowering in summer time spill it over the edge of the basket.

When you first bring the plant home choose a good quality compost so that they can have bets possible start. For potting though, pot each plant them in 9 cm pot.

When you see the roots of the plant is peeking out from the 9cm pot it is time for putting it in the basket use good quality fertilizer.

In the basket you have plant three plants in triangle shape with each tip of the triangle and keep it 3 or 4 cm far from the edge of the basket. The size that you choose for your basket is not that important because the plants you planted will grow to meet at the middle of the basket.


Watering is one of the key elements that you need to be aware of.

You need to keep the soil moist but not wet and do not over water Begonia because as other plants over watering may cause serious damages to the plant and it might even kill as underwatering.

Basket you are using should have good drainage, in case you mistakenly over water it the extra water will come out of the drainage holes in the basket.

Frost is deadly

As I said before these plants are really sensitive to cold and it is vital to keep them away from freezing. Them have tubular stems and near zero cold will rupture their cells, this is why freezing cold can kill your Begonia plant really fast.

So you better keep them in sunny room or be sure that the environment you are keeping your plant is frost free.


The compost that you used in the first step has enough nutrients in it so for six weeks you do not to use fertilizer and you use, that would be so much energy that your plant cannot handle and it will damage the plant`s roots, so don’t over fertilize your Begonia.

The plant will flower very quickly and from very early age the weight of the flower will pull the plant round as it grows and it will create the beautiful shape on the basket.

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