How to make Monstera bushier?

How to make Monstera bushier?

How to make Monstera bushier?Hello and welcome to all plant lovers, to my another article about the amazing Monstera Deliciosa aka Adansonii.
In this article we are going to learn how to have healthy and bushier Monsteras in your home so without further ado let`s get to it.
How to make Monstera bushier is one of those questions that almost every person who love plants and especially Monsteras ask themselves sometimes in their Monstera care journey.
First thing you need to know and you need to care about is the requirements that this plant needs, as we know these are very forgiving plants and can live almost in every condition, but as I said, “almost”.
Yes, these are very forgiving but if you don’t care about them at all they will die real fast so you in order to make them grow and be healthy you need to must pay attention to some points.


First thing is to pay attention to your watering method, if you water the plant not as required and over or underwater your plant they will grow ill and die eventually.
For avoiding that you have to check the soil of the plant if the two or three inches of the soil is dry it means that you are underwatering your plant and you need to water your plant so that soil gets moisty but not wet, but if the soil is wet you need to wait for soil to dry out completely before next watering.


light is super important, but how you give light to you plant is even more important, that is because if expose the plant to direct sunlight, it will burn the plant`s leaves and you will end up having weaken and dead leaves which falls of after some time.
So you need a bright spot in your house to put the plant and safe from direct sunlight so it can get necessary energy to grow.


The next requirement for Monstera plants is humidity, %60 to %70 humidity is great for Monsteras to grow and they do very well in this humidity.
I am not saying they have to be in that humidity to grow, I mean, that percent of humidity is awesome for plant to grow fast and big and if you want you plant to grow fast pay attention to this too.


You might use a soil that is low on nutrients, and plant can`t get enough nutrients to feed itself so it becomes weak and stays small because it does not have necessary nutrients to grow.
All you need to do is to buy some soil with nutrients or fertilize the soil you have so you can feed your plant enough and help it to grow much bigger.

Pro tip

I want to tell you a pro tip to have a bushier and big Monstera plant, and that is to put multiple cuttings in the one pot and as they grow their roots get attached to each other and make a very strong root and if you prepare the requirements that mentioned above you will have monster size and very bushy Monstera in your house.
So having a big and bushy Monstera is not that ahr all you need to do is to follow some simple rules, and you will have your awesome looking plant that you can enjoy looking at it.

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