Should I cover my pansies at night?

Hello plant lovers it me again welcome to another topic about Pansies, in today`s topic we are going to talk about should you cover your Pansies at night.

As we all know Pansies are cold tolerant plants but as all plants if temperature drops to frost level all plants will die.

Should I cover my pansies at night?


Should I cover my pansies at night? Let`s see in what temperatures Pansies survive.

Pansies can handle light frost which is 28 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, lower than this is considered as a hard freeze and chances of Pansies surviving hard freeze is very low.

if the temperature of the place where you keep pansies drop below 20 Fahrenheit, you need to act fast and if you planted them in pots you have to bring them inside in 20 minutes, because Pansies can survive this temperature for only 20 minutes.

But if you planted your Pansies in garden or where you cannot bring them inside, you need to use some materials to keep them safe, for more information about it please “Click Here” but if I want to give some quick tips for you I can suggest using:

  • Milk Jars

Milk Jars are very easy to find and most of them are free, so all you need to cut the bottom part of the jar and place them on you Pansies over night, but be careful to take them off when sun goes up.

  • Horticultural fleece

These light weight woven fabric will help  you to stabilize the air temperature under the fleece so when you putted them on your plants and fixed every other parts so there are no air flows, your plants will stay safe.


Pansies response well to sunlight or light in general, Shredded pine needles, wood chips or even weed-free straw keeps them warm and helps them survive cold weather.

You can also through sheets, plastic clothes or agricultural fabric over the plants.

Potted pansies are the easiest to deal with, simple move the pots indoors or into a protected garage during severe weather.

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