What to look for when buying a Monstera

What to look for when buying a Monstera

What to look for when buying a Monstera.Heya plants lovers welcome to another article about plants, especially Monsteras.

In this topic we are going to talk about what to look for when buying a Monstera, and tips that will help you to buy best Monstera, so without further ado let`s get to it.

Here is the five tips that will help you choose the best Monstera and bring it home.


first one is size, remember size is your biggest determination of price, we expect when we give big money we get big plant. My advice is to get the biggest plant that you can afford but have in mind that its not only buying, you should also consider area and living space where you live.

If you live in small place it is recommended that small specimens are the best choice, so in small area you would have small Monstera and fits perfectly.

But if you live in big places and you have lots of space it is better to have big Monsteras, because in big places big Monsteras are really eye catching and captures a lot of attention also it adds a certain vibe to the place that is very hard to replicate with smaller specimens.

Root system

Before buying, if it is possible, be sure to check root system and if you can`t ask the seller about that plant`s roots.

Roots are very important specially if you are buying a plant from a local seller or private dealer, the reason I do insist on this is because when dealer or seller ships the plant, till it arrives some of the roots die so you will have some roots left, so it can help you a lot with growing the plant.

So always check roots of the Monstera or any plant you want to buy and be sure the root system is in good condition.


Next on the “what to look for when buying a Monstera” we have variegation, the most important thing in the long run and the reason you are buying a variegated Monstera.

These days, half-moon pattern is very popular, which is basically one half of the leaf is variegated and the other half is not.

If your plant has half-moon variegation, it does not necessary means that the future plants and propagated one are going to be exactly like that one.

Variegation is a mutation so those parts which is variegated are very sensitive so you need to be extra careful with those.


Fenestrations are the gaps and wholes on the leaves, this makes Monstera plants look so loveable and so fun to look at and it looks really cool.

Fenestrations can also indicate the age of the plant, more fenestrations the more mature the plant is and if there are small amount of fenestration the plant is young.

The younger plants will get more fenestrated as they grow up, the old leaves will look like the same but the new leaves will have more holes and gaps in them and will be more fenestrated over time.

Older plants are easy to predict and you can almost say what will happen to the plant and you know the outcomes but younger plants are not easy to predict and you can`t say for sure what will happen.


In the last part of the “what to look for when buying a Monstera” we have damage, it basically means how much of your plant is damaged, some damages are normal and it usually happens to a plant but some damages happens because the person who took care of the plant wasn’t giving so much attention.

We are speaking of root rots, burnt leaves, if the soil they were using damaged the plant or not? And…

So before buying the plant, specially Monsteras, be sure to check out the health of the plant.

And that’s it, the 5 tips that will help you to choose the best plant for your home or garden.

Hope these tips helped you out and if you have other tips that you want to add feel free to say it in comment section so me and other readers use them too.

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