Why is my Angel Wing Begonia Dropping Leaves?

Why is my Angel Wing Begonia Dropping Leaves?

Why is my Angel Wing Begonia Dropping Leaves? Hello and welcome to another article about beautiful Begonia plants.

In this article we are going to talk about why this beautiful plant drops it`s leaves over time and how to prevent it.

Angel Wing Begonias are very popular around the world this fame comes from their incredible hear shaped leaves which resembles folded wings of an angel.

Either outside or indoors these plants will definitely catch your eyes and radiates elegance to whom looks at it.

Why is my Angel Wing Begonia Dropping Leaves?

It happens when conditions are not favored by the plant and Begonia may show its dissatisfaction by dropping its leaves.

There are so many reasons that may cause this problem, for example overwatering, not enough sunlight, lack of hydration improper repotting and worm infestation.

Good news is most of these problems can be solved and will not kill your plant.

  • Over watering

Inaccurate watering is one of the reasons that will cause your plant to drop leaves.

These plants love to shower with water however too much water will make the soil of the plant wet and if this happens your plant will start to drop leaves.

The best time for watering you Angel Begonia, Is when the soil`s top 2 or 3 inches looks dry in this case you can water your plant until the soil is moisty but not wet.

Also by looking at your plants leaves you can decide whether it is time to water or not.

  • Sunlight

Sunlight is important for all kinds of plants but too much or too less sunlight will definitely impact on your plant`s health and it`s growth.

When plant is exposed to sunlight it will start Photosynthesis, which as we know it is a natural way of making food for the plant.

When your plant is in shaded area for too long it will start to loose energy and because there is no light plant cannot make any food so it will start to loose every energy and die after some time.

Too much of sunlight is also very deadly for your plant, when there is too much light plant makes too much energy, and when there is too much energy, plant cells will not endure the amount and will get ruptured and the cell structure will come down and plant leave dies.

The best place for you to put your Angel Wing Begonia is to put it in bright, dappled sunlight. This kind of light is the best option for your plant to receive light and make energy.

  • Hydration

This plant enjoys staying hydrated and fresh, so moisture level is important in order to keep this plant safe and healthy.

If you planted your Begonias outside, you will have not moisture problem because there are plenty of water vapor in the air.

However, if you are keeping your Angel Wing Begonias indoors the problems will start to rise where moisture level is so much less than outdoors.

What makes it worse? Well if you have heater or air conditioner in your room or home, wherever you keep your begonias, the moisture level will start to decrease and make it even worse.

The best hydration level for Begonias to grow is 60% and if you can make it happen your Begonias will grow in best conditions.

  • Bad Repotting

Are you surprised? Well I should say bad in improper repotting will also cause the plant to drop its leaves.

If every conditions are met but still you witness your Begonias plants are dropping, and you recently repotted your plant, it can be the repotting that damaged your plant.

Wrong size pot, incorrect timing and inappropriate spread of roots in the pot, are all forms of bad repotting.

Do not change your plant`s soil in dormant or winter season, if you do so it will present itself as yellow and shedding leaves and discolored patches.

  • Worm infestation

This almost happens to all plants in the world, it is basically worms attack your plant.

Some begonias scape from this infestation however, some will fall down and with their multiplication they will severely damage the plant and with drying out the remaining leaves, they will eventually kill your plant.

Cutworms are the most common attackers to Begonia plants, they hide under the soil and in night time they cut into the stem and leaves and steal the minerals and ions.

Eventually this will leave your plant with no energy and minerals to grow and will kill it in no time.

Keep an eye for worms in the soil and as soon as you see them take the plant and temporary isolated it then remove the worms to stop them from spreading.

Thank you all for reading this article, I hope I helped you out and if you have other problems or solutions please feel free to ask me in comment section and I will try to answer them, also you can share your ideas and other points to have a better and healthier Begonia plant.

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