It is true that keeping tulips at home is a bit difficult due to the auto and the wildness of this flower, but the beauty of this flower has made those who are interested in growing apartment flowers to provide the conditions of the building to take care of it so that they can grow it next to their other vases. in order to answer how to store tulip bulbs in the refrigerator Follow till the end of this article.

The first thing that should be mentioned about the method of keeping Dutch, Persian and hyacinth tulip bulbs at home is how they differ from rooted and bulbous flowers. These onions need storage in different seasons.

Storing Tulip Bulbs In Refrigerator tips

Especially when their environment is too cold or too hot. Sometimes it is even necessary to remove the bulb from the soil after their flowering period and store it in the right place with the right temperature so that they are not destroyed and are ready for next year’s flowering.

But we have written all the methods of storing tulip bulbs in our other articles, so you can easily reach what you want by entering the apartment flowers website and searching for how to store tulip bulbs. Because in this article, we are talking about another method of keeping tulip bulbs, which is called storing tulip bulbs in refrigerator.


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As we mentioned in our other articles, tulips are sensitive. So, storing them is wrong from the point of view of agriculture. But if we do the storing steps correctly, we can store tulip bulbs.

Storing tulip bulbs in refrigerator is an industrial method that has also been approved by agricultural engineers. Storing tulip bulbs in refrigerator is better than storing them in a dry and underground place that should not be exposed to sunlight. Besides these flowers are cold-loving, so intellectually, the refrigerator is better than outside.


Steps of Storing Tulip Bulbs In Refrigerator

Well, to storing tulip bulbs in refrigerator, you need to do the harvesting process. It is better for you to start storage at the end of summer. After the tulip bulbs are taken out, they can stay healthy outside the soil for 12 months.

As you know, these flowers are sensitive, so it is better to replant after 9 months. Make these flowers. For harvesting, it is better to have a small shovel to carefully dig the sides of the bulbs. After you pull the onions out of the soil, you will see the roots under them, which you have to separate from the bulbs.

Storing Tulip Bulbs In Refrigerator care tips

After separating, put the bulbs in a place for 3 days to dry completely and then store them, so we must allow the tulip bulbs to dry completely. The bulbs need a cold period, but you don’t want to freeze the bulbs, put them in your refrigerator, not your freezer.

Place the bulbs in an opaque plastic bag that is open at the top and put the bag in the crisper drawer. That will do two things: keep your bulbs from drying out and protect them from the light that pours in every time you open the door.

The bag has to be open so you have some air circulation. If the bulbs get moist, mildew and fungi could grow and kill the bulbs. For storing tulip bulbs in refrigerator, a paper bag will also work when storing bulbs in the refrigerator, as David Clark, horticulturist and national garden speaker, told us this fall. But make sure you don’t store bulbs in your refrigerator if you have apples in there. Apples release ethylene gas, which can kill the embryonic flower inside the bulb.

What happens next…

After the bulbs have been in the refrigerator for a few weeks, plant them in pots, water them, and place the pots back in the refrigerator. Don’t water them again while they are in the refrigerator. What you’re trying to do is to trick them and make them believe they’ve gone through winter, about three or four weeks before you want the plants to grow and bloom, take the pots out of the refrigerator, put them in a warm area, give them light and water them.

We storing tulip bulbs in refrigerator and done, now after refrigeration, tulips that underwent cold treatment may have small yellow shoots at planting time. If that is the case, then set the pot in a cool area — about 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit — with bright, indirect sunlight until the shoots begin to turn green. The pot’s soil should be watered when its top 1 inch begins to dry.

Once the shoots begin to become green, move the pot into direct, all-day sunlight, and continue to water the soil as you did previously. If you planted the bulbs outdoors, then continue to water their soil as needed, providing about 1 inch of water weekly. The tulips should begin to bloom in about four weeks.

Storing Tulip Bulbs In Refrigerator how to do it

In conclusion

In any event, if you store the bulbs in the fridge, you need to keep a close eye on them, and it will always be a hit or miss whether the tulips will bloom again. If you want to try your luck and save your tulips bulbs after the bloom, test it out with a few bulbs and see how it goes. If it fails, you can always buy new bulbs. The only caveat is that you won’t know until the next spring whether the tulip bulbs actually made it.

As you read in this article about how to storing tulip bulbs in refrigerator, this method is a scientific and industrial method that is only to deceive the plant that, for example, the plant has spent the winter. to get flowers from the plant soon.

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